We are the “Foothills Rural Crime Watch Association” (FRCWA), an all volunteer non-profit organization working in partnership with the High River RCMP, local businesses and people to ensure that our Foothills community continues to be a safe and great place to live!

The FRCWA was formed in 2016 to bring residents together within our large rural MD of Foothills community which includes areas that border in other MD’s and Counties. With our goal being an overall safer community, we accomplish this by increasing awareness within our neighborhood of rural properties, farmsteads, Villages, Hamlets and taking active, effective steps towards crime prevention.

“We as a Community are Watching and Reporting” will ensure that our Foothills district continues to be a safe and great place to live and raise a family.

Interested members will benefit by being a part of our association receiving information, tips and updates all aimed at preventing crime and making our community safer through awareness. Members receive a free yellow “Rural Crime Watch” sign to display prominently on their property showing the importance of a Crime Watch Association within the community. Additional signs of various sizes are available for purchase by our members. These can be found on the back of our membership form.